Leonore Gewessler

Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology


Timo Harakka

Minister of Transport and Communications


Carole Dieschbourg

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development


Steven Guilbeault

Minister of Environment and Climate Change



Governments in this stakeholder category will work towards all sales of new cars and vans being zero emission by 2040 or earlier, or by no later than 2035 in leading markets.

Governments in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

Governments in this stakeholder category will work intensely towards accelerated proliferation and adoption of zero-emission vehicles. Additionally, they are calling on all developed countries to strengthen the collaboration and international support offered to facilitate a global, equitable, and just transition.

José Carlos Campero Núñez del Prado

Municipal Secretary of Environmental Affairs

La Paz, Bolivia

Cities, states, and regional governments

Paul Thwaite

CEO, Commerical Banking

NatWest Group

Financial institutions

*Two-wheelers and three-wheelers constitute more than 70% of global sales and more than 80% in India. All governments should also support the transition of these light vehicles to zero-emission vehicles.