Tracking Progress

Updated September 2023

National Governments

Key Numbers


Global LDV market share by national government signatories


Minimum LDV EV sales share across all Nordic countries


Growth in LDV EV shares across national government signatories

Top 10 Markets

National signatories of the ZEV Declaration represent a vast range of EV markets, each at unique stages in their fleet transitions. In the top ten light-duty vehicle markets, collectively representing 87% of EV sales among signatories, EV sales continued to surge over the last year.

Top ten electric light-duty vehicle markets by country (2021-2022)

Source: EV Volumes, June, 2023

Top 3 Markets

Between 2021 and 2022, all national government signatories made advances towards electrifying their light-duty fleets. Here are the top three markets for EV sales share, total sales, and year-over-year growth.

2022 EV sales share:







2022 EV sales:

United Kingdom



YoY growth:




New Zealand



EV Sales Share

Across 26 national signatories where data are available, EV (battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) sales increased, registering a 19% increase year-over-year.

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Global electric light-duty vehicle sales share by country (2021-2022)

Source: EV Volumes, June 2023

Missing data for the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ghana, Kenya, Liechstenstein, Malta, Morocco, Paraguay, Rwanda, the Holy See, Uruguay

Automotive Manufacturers

Key Numbers



LDV market share of OEM signatories


BYD EV sales share in 2022


BEV sales share of OEM signatories

OEM EV Sales Share

OEM signatories of the ZEV Declaration represent both large, global companies and smaller, local brands. Six automakers, for which data was available, were analyzed.


Global electric light-duty vehicle sales share by OEM (2021-2022)

*GM data includes joint venture sales in China | Source: MarkLines, June 2023

OEM ZEV Targets

Many automakers have committed to ambitious ZEV targets, an important indicator of their electrification commitments.

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Stopped producing ICE vehicles as of March 2022; produces only battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Volvo Cars


100% EV sales globally by 2025 and 100% BEV sales by 2030



50% EV sales by 2025; transition to complete electrification, wherever feasible according to market conditions

General Motors

North America, Global

50% EV sales on the US by 2030 and 100% globally by 2035


Europe, Global

In Europe, 100% EV sales by 2026 and 100% BEVs by 2030; 50% EV sales globally by 2030 and 100% by 2035

Jaguar-Land Rover


Jaguar-100% BEVs sales by 2025; Land Rover- 60% BEV sales by 2030

Source: ICCT, media and company documents