At COP26, hosted by Glasgow in 2021, the Zero Emission Vehicles Declaration (ZEV Declaration) was launched by a leadership group of more than 100 countries, businesses, and organizations committed to driving forward a transition to a climate-neutral transportation sector.

Signatories to the ZEV Declaration signed on to the global pledge to ensure that all new car and van sales be zero emission by 2040 globally, and by 2035 in leading markets. This level of ambition is critical to avoiding the worst impacts from climate change. In addition, a transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) will help tackle air pollution, reduce oil dependency, and deliver new jobs.

Since COP26, the global shift to ZEVs has only accelerated. New signatories continue to sign the ZEV Declaration, and the global ZEV market is growing at an exponential pace. 

About the A2Z Coalition

As a continuation of this momentum, the Accelerating to Zero (A2Z) Coalition was launched the following year at COP27 to support the growing number of signatories and to further accelerate the transition of the global transportation sector.

A2Z serves as a platform for signatories to coordinate, align activities, and amplify messaging as they fulfill their ambitious pledge that all sales of new cars and vans be zero emission by 2040, and by 2035 in leading markets. We function as the ZEV Declaration’s extension of operations, executing activities to ensure the message of ambition represented by the Declaration is widely heard and turned into action.

A2Z provides implementation support for signatories to develop and implement ambitious zero-emission transportation policies and plans, showcases examples of leadership within the ZEV community, and monitors progress on the global transition.

The A2Z Coalition is a collaboration of the International Council on Clean Transportation, who serves as Secretariat, as well as Ceres, Climate Group, Drive Electric Campaign, and the Government of the United Kingdom, who together comprise the A2Z Steering Committee.