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ZEV Related Policies
Under the EU CO2 standards, all new cars and vans must have zero CO2 emissions from 2035.

Charging Infrastructure Policies
Under the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) Member States are required to ensure a minimum total power output is provided through publicly accessible recharging stations and that fast-charging pools are installed along major European traffic corridors. Grants to individuals, companies, and municipalities are available as part of the MOVES Singulares II and MOVES III programs, including funding for grid connections and pilot projects for innovative charging technologies as well as broad incentives for most categories of public and private charging.

Vehicle Incentives
As a part of Spain’s €8.9 billion anti-inflation package, the country will reimburse up to 15% of income tax to people who buy an electric vehicle before the end of the year. The maximum income tax deduction is €20,000.