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ZEV Related Policies
New Zealand passed its first-ever GHG emissions standards for light-duty vehicles in 2022. In 2023, light passenger cars must meet a standard of 145g CO2/km, while light commercial vehicles have a standard of no more than 218g CO2/km. The standards will increase in stringency to 63.3g CO2/km and 87.2g CO2/km in 2027 for light-duty passenger and commercial vehicles, respectively, making it the most ambitious in the world in that year.

Charging Infrastructure Policies
Budget 2023 earmarks $120 million to expand EV charging across New Zealand. The funding will be used to advance the national network of EV charging hubs, with a goal of installing 25 hubs, each containing 20 chargers. The budget advances rural EV integration by requiring public charging at community facilities for all settlements of 2000 or more. In March 2022, the Ministry of Transport published a draft EV charging strategy for consultation.

Vehicle Incentives
The Clean Car Discount Scheme offers cash incentives for battery-electric and hybrid passenger car purchases. For zero-emission vehicles, rebates range from NZ$3,507.5 for used vehicles to NZ$7,015 for all new vehicles below NZ$80,000.