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2022 EV Sales Share

ZEV Related Policies
The National Electromobility Strategy sets a target for 100% of sales of LDVs to be zero-emission by 2035. In February 2022, new fuel economy standards for LDVs were published, requiring importers or manufacturers of vehicles sold in Chile to have a fuel economy target of 28.9 km per liter of gasoline equivalent in 2030, up from 14.9 km/lge in 2020.

Charging Infrastructure Policies
The Energy Ministry regulates the interoperability of EV charging systems to ensure smooth access of EV users to the charging network. Chile has multiple charging corridors, including Voltex covering 23 charging stations along 435 miles in the south and central regions.

Vehicle Incentives
Chile aims to electrify high-mileage vehicles. My Electric Taxi program offers subsidies to taxi drivers to switch to electric vehicles in cities of Greater Valparaiso. In October 2022, Chile introduced a new law that exempts EVs from paying road taxes for two years.