Bee’ah Group

Khaled Al Huraimel

“Emissions-free mobility is essential to shaping tomorrow’s sustainable, smart cities. Through BEEAH Transport, our dedicated business driven towards the green mobility transition, BEEAH Group is highlighting our commitment to realizing a net-zero future. We see smart, zero-emissions vehicles as an inextricable part of our vision to pioneer a sustainable quality of life for all, promoting better air quality in urban centers, integrating transport networks, and enhancing the commuter experience. ION, our joint venture with Crescent Enterprises, has already begun introducing zero-emission vehicles and autonomous shuttles into the public transport network. We are also enhancing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to promote the adoption of electric vehicles by private individuals. In our pursuit of emissions-free mobility, we are exploring the forefront of ZEV fuels, such as green hydrogen derived from unrecyclable waste. ZEVs are crucial in meeting climate targets in our organization, nationally and globally. Through partnerships, ventures, and new technologies, we will continue to accelerate zero-emission, smart mobility initiatives within our own fleet, among our clients’ businesses, and in our cities of operation.”